Sélectionné en 2012 pour le prix Découverte aux Rencontres d´Arles, Lucas Foglia nous livre, dans A Natural Order, une série réalisée dans le sud est des Etats-Unis entre 2006 et 2010. Il y documente la vie de ceux qui, motivés par des croyances religieuses ou des préoccupations écologiques, ont choisi de quitter la ville et la civilisation pour un retour radical à la nature. 

In the summer of 2006, Lucas Foglia set out to photograph a network of people who had left cities and suburbs to live off the grid in the rural southeastern United States. Many were motivated by environmental concerns, others were driven by religious beliefs or predictions of economic collapse. While everyone he photographed was working to maintain self-sufficiency, none lived in complete isolation from the mainstream. Instead, they chose which parts of the modern world to embrace and which to leave behind. The body of work, made over a five-year period, is gathered together in the artist's first book, A Natural Order - a stunning collection that explores a human relationship with wilderness and the persistent libertarianism of the American psyche. Foglia\'s photographs, at once iconic and intimate, provoke us to take a candid look at individuals whose chosen lifestyles seem both exotic and unnervingly close to home.

A Natural Order - Lucas Foglia

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