Published in an edition of 1.000 numbered copies. This is no. 458 / 1000. The book is an ode to the table tennis, ping-pong. The design of the book is a table tennis table (green, with a net in the middle). Created in collaboration with Alec Soth, Geoff Dyer and Pico Iver. The book is in absolute mint condition (still in publisher’s foil). 

“For several years, Alec Soth has combined his passion for both table tennis and photography by collecting vernacular ping-pong photographs. With this publication, Soth asked Geoff Dyer and Pico Iyer, writers and fellow table tennis enthusiasts, to respond to these pictures by engaging in a kind of literary ping-pong match. The book celebrates this obsession, described by Iyer as “… a life style, a training in attention, a diversion, a mad passion and a way of not taking anything important too seriously and taking some tiny things much too seriously.”

Alec Soth,Ping Pong

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  • 9780983999041