Photo book with full-page black-and-white photos from the poor neighbourhoods of Port-au-Prince. The strong photographs exude a charged atmosphere of poverty, misery, despair and violence. The photographs are preceded by a brief introduction to the tragic history of Haiti. This introduction rightly ends with the words: ‘Yet the Haitians are a fantastic resilient people, proud of their feisty character and physical grace... Haiti is blessed with an indifferent charm...’. The photo book does not do justice to these aspects. In this sense, the simple title of the book raises expectations that are not fulfilled by the otherwise impressive photographic content. Bruce Gilden is an internationally renowned photographer whose work is included in various museum collections. The introduction was written by a journalist and author of a book about Haiti. On the inside of the cover there are Haitian sayings with translations into English. A book that belongs in the section ‘photography’ rather than in the section ‘countries and peoples’.
(Biblion review, J. de Marez Oyens.)

Bruce Gilden,Haïti

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  • 978-2862342214