„In the course of his travels in Mexico over the last thirty years, Antoine d’Agata has extracted the hair-raising material from which he now constructs this tense, immobile diary. The empty and devastated landscape that surrounds him is the reflection of an ever more unstable criminal milieu. Snapshots, cinematic sequences, and texts combine to form a personal diary which, through intimate sexual encounters and experiences with drugs, confronts and dialogues with an increasingly abominable reality. In order to portray the world of solitude and marginality through which he has passed, the photographer employs a language that in itself seems gradually to degenerate and lose all signs of humanity.

The book as a whole constitutes a complex portrait of the prolonged descent of Mexican society into blind savagery. Structured internally around six photographic movements that correspond to different moments in Mexico’s contemporary destiny, the chapters mark ruptures in the continuity of a story linking a person with a community that is not his own, but to which he feels irremediably united: a work in the polymorphic tradition of twentieth-century photographers who traveled in Mexico, such as Tina Modotti, Edward Weston, and Henri Cartier-Bresson.“

CODEX -Antoine d'Agata

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