Collection of black and white photographs of London and its people, taken by the Chilean photographer during a visit to the city in 1958. Unpageinated, 52 pages of photographs. Introduction 3 pages.


 Sergio Larrain only spent a couple of month in London, end of the 50s. He came back with a series of photos which give us an extraordinarily powerful image of the city. Still very much connected with its traditions, London at the time showed the first signs of a new society, on the point to emerge. In the streets of the British capital, in its parcs, clubs and pubs, the Chilenian photographer captured the evidence, and the fissure between the classes on the brink of a new decade. Publisher: Editions Hazan (Paris 1998), Dewi Lewis Publishing (London 1998)


Sergio Larrain,London 1958-59

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