The photos were taken between 1992 and 2009, though most are from this century with locations, quite literally, right across America. There are noticeable themes as you turn the pages: people in the frame on pages 18 to 23; graves 110 to 119; trucks and industry 136 to 149; people again 150 to 157; STOP signs 185 to 191. Some shots, if you strip out the car from the photo, could have come from other Friedlander books. Page 182 is straight out of `The Desert Seen' or pages 74/75 and 130/131 from his architectural masterpiece `Sticks & Stones'.

The book follows Friedlander's liking for square format prints (eight and a half inches) and his friends contribute to the book's wonderful look: Thomas Palmer for the separations, Katy Homans for the simple, elegant design and Meridian Printing for their usual immaculate 300 screen duotones.

Lee Friedlander,America by Car

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  • 9781935202073