Using an underwater camera Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase, better known for his street photography, produced a series of amusing self portraits in the bathtub. 



In Bukubuku (an onomatopoeic expression that captures the bubbling sound that would occur were one to blow out air while underwater near the surface of a bathtub), one of Post-war Japan's pre-eminent photographers, Masahisa Fukase, presents a unique series of self-portraits taken in his bathtub with an underwater camera. The book, at first glance somewhat humorous and certainly lighter than his Ravens, can be seen as expressive of the loneliness and isolation he was feeling following the dissolution of his marriage in the late 70s, the death of his father, the failure of his business. In 1992 Fukase fell while intoxicated and was left in a comatose state that persisted for a number of years until his death. In her essay at the end of the book, Yamagishi Koko writes: "With Fukase, we have the ultimate example of an photographer who captured his own madness.

Masahisa Fukase,Bukubuku

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