Limited numbered edition of 700. 88 pages, hardcover in linen-backed boards with clear acetate dust jacket, 10.5" by 9.25". Exceptional posthumous publication of Fukase's moody and deeply personal photography, with over 50 full- and double-page photos.


A photo book "hysteric Twelve" by Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase. Masahisa Fukase continued to stare at himself as a "human" and "photographer" through his familiar subjects such as his wife, father, family, cat, and crow. After graduating from Nihon University College of Art, he started his commercial career and became a freelance after working for Daiichi Kogyosha and Kawade Shobo. After that, he began to point the lens around himself, his relatives, and around him so as to confirm the meaning of "me" and "take a picture", and subsequently became the masterpieces "Yoko (wife) then Sasuke (cat)" "crow ( It will lead to the announcement of “crow”) and “father's memory (father)”. He suffered a severe disability due to an unexpected accident in 1992, and since then, his activity as a photographer has been suspended, and while his actual activity period has been over 30 years, he continues to receive worldwide support. This is the twelfth issue of a series of photo books published by the collection brand "Hysteric Glamour", and is a book made up of street snaps announced in the early 1980s as "Walking Eyes". Fukase's outstanding sensibilities and aesthetics that are different from works such as "cats" and "crows" can be enjoyed. Limited to 700 copies. Includes edition number.(Made-in-wonder)

Masahisa Fukase,Hysteric Twelve

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