Many myths surround the 'Hyena Men' who haunt the peripheries of Nigeria's cities. Accompanied by hyenas, rock pythons and baboons, these men earn a living by performing before crowds and selling traditional medicines. Pieter Hugo's extraordinary portraits of their liminal existence reveal an uncanny world of complex, codependent relationships, where familiar distinctions between dominance and submission, wildness and domesticity, tradition and modernity are constantly subverted. Nigerian journalist Adetokunbo Abiola introduces readers to the 'Hyena Men', explaining the traditions and mystique behind their practices. Presented in thirty-two full-colour plates, these intense portraits reveal why Hugo is one of the most exciting young photographers at work today.


Biographie de l'auteur

PIETER HUGO is a photographer whose work has been shown in his native South Africa as well as throughout Europe and North America. Hugo won first prize in the portraits section of the 2006 World Press Photo competition for his photograph of Mallam Galadima Ahmadu with the hyena Jamis. ADETOKUNBO ABIOLA is a journalist who lives and works in Nigeria.


Revue de presse

'Remarkable work'. --The Observer, 20th July 2008

'Pieter Hugo's new body of work, The Hyena and Other Men, is immediately magnetic, unsettling and captivating'. --Hotshoe Magazine, February 2009

'Fascinating tale of a photographic adventure in the African continent'. --Amateur Photographer, 4th October 2008


Pieter Hugo,The Hyena & Other Men THIRD EDITION

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